Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I made a $100 typo last week.

On Wednesday I booked a United last-minute discount fare ticket to Reno for a poker tournament, leaving early Saturday morning, and returning Monday morning.

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised that United hadn't yet paged me with my departure information-- I've told them to always page me three hours before flight time to let me know what gate and whether the flight was on time. I thought that perhaps I'd overlooked the time change, but logged on and checked-- nope, it's next weekend.

When I got to the airport, they couldn't find my reservation. After looking it up by frequent flyer number, the reservation was found... for tomorrow morning. I had the option of spending another night in Reno or paying a hundred bucks to change the flight. Grrrr... but I got a "free" first-class upgrade out of it.

Our office is a big open room with everybody working at desks constructed of doors and sawhorses-- it's the standard startup chic. One of the big problems is that people leave their cel phones on their desks and then walk away. Since we've started having ringtone wars, it's gotten messy.

Today one of the more obnoxious phones went off while the owner was in a meeting. I had an idea! I grabbed a styrofoam cooler that happened to be sitting around, labeled it "Cel phone prison", put the offending phone in it, and left the whole thing on the owner's chair.

Voila! Muffled ringtone and a clue-by-four, all in one.

Speaking of phones, my new toy, a Handspring Treo 600 showed up today. Yippie! I like geek toys.
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