Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Round up

Did you know that Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams owned a restaurant? Actually, he owns two. Kevan and I tried Stacey's at Waterford tonight. Verdict: I don't recommend it.

If you were graduating in the next few years with an undergrad degree in economics, what sort of career would you be looking at?

This Friday is the VoyeuriS/M reception at Stormy Leather. This afternoon I had a rare moment of turning into a stark raving girl... what am I going to wear?! I'm thinking black skirt, boots... hrmm. No clue, really.

Edit: I just found out that they would like RSVPs. You can "purchase" tickets (free) here if you're planning to attend:

And speaking of photography, the check from Penthouse was in my mailbox this afternoon. My first freelance gig, ever. Awwww...

I've mostly managed to avoid sleeping on my right side, and I'm feeling somewhat better. However, this morning I think I spent some time on it and I was sore for most of the day. My doctor ordered an MRI of my neck, so I guess we'll see what that brings.
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