Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Random miscellany

Yes on 8 appears to be paying Google somewhere between $.37 and $.62 for clicks on keyword "gay marriage". Do with that info what you will.

My doctor called this afternoon with the results of my c-spine MRI. The fact that he called rather than waiting for my appointment next week was enough to tell me that all was not well with the world, and my guess was correct. The news was weird, though. Apparently I have degenerative disc disease (which is a wild misnomer), but it's not all that bad and it's on the wrong side to be causing my symptoms.

We chatted for a while about various options and possible outcomes. Given that what he saw on the MRI doesn't seem to coincide with my symptoms, I'm opting for trying to address the issues with ergonomics and sleep modification. If that doesn't improve the state of the universe we'll look for plan B.

Truffled deviled eggs topped with prosciutto. Just sayin'. is now putting ads on their "system is down" page. Can they stoop any lower?

As many of you know, I basically never watch television... I basically can't stand it. However, I watched SNL live last weekend because I wanted see what they with Palin. I found the first sketch funny and the second one just sort of pathetic, and mostly remembered why I don't like TV.
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