Patti (whipartist) wrote,

More sleeping

It seems I did the same thing last night-- sleep on my back, roll onto my left side for about a third of the night, and then back onto my back. I also seem very still for the first couple of hours, and after that I start changing positions. The two were so similar that I had to doublecheck that I was looking at the second night's images rather than the first.

doooook asked how to do this yourself. Assuming you're on XP:

Get a webcam.

Google "timershot". Go to the first hit and install the program.

Run it. Tell it to take a picture every 30 seconds, and to number the shots... I'm doing this from memory, but the options should be pretty straightforward. Get the webcam all happy and pointed at the right place, and the lighting right. Use your judgment here... you don't need super high-quality details, but you need enough light and image brightness to be able to clearly detect your sleeping position.

Go to sleep.

In the morning, stop timershot. Start windows moviemaker. Find the jpegs, and drag and drop them into windows moviemaker.

Under options, set the image time to a quarter second, and the transition time as low as it will go.

Drag and drop all of the images into the timeline at the bottom.

Play. You should be watching like a 3-4 minute movie of you sleeping.
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