Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Happy halloween, yo

Our company's CFO looks like pretty much the stereotype of a 40-year-old finance guy-- clean-cut, buttoned-down, serious, somebody a VC would feel safe handing millions of dollars to.

Last year, he came to work for halloween dressed as himself, circa 1983. Nobody recognized him, and it was so funny that he kicked my butt in the company costume contest, leaving me to take a paltry second place.

This year, I fought fire with fire. Lee, circa 2023, with a photo of the 1983 version in the background:


Sadly, he's out sick today. I sent him a picture though, and he thinks it's hilarious.

By the way, I got the inspiration for this at 5:00 last night.

Here's the costume I'm parodying:

Lee 1983
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