Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Jolly Good, ole chaps

I'm at an internet cafe in London. It's good to be back.

Last night's thanksgiving dinner was bibimbap at some random place near Leicester Square. It wasn't the best I've ever had by a mile, but it was certainly edible. I saw La Cage aux Folles afterward-- an excellent show as always, and quite well-done.

Today: shopping, TKTS booth, wandering about, theater in the evening. I have no idea what I'm seeing tonight, though.

My hotel room is microscopic-- a twin bed, a small desk and dresser, and a closet of a bathroom. Still, it's cheap and in an excellent location-- about a block from the intersection of Oxford Street & Charing Cross Road. Both Borders and Foyle's are a short walk away. Being on Oxford Street with the dollar reasonably strong seems dangerous...

I have a mobile, and I'm here until Sunday. Feel free to harass me via phone or text: 07551929403. The country code is 44, I believe. If you need anything brought back, let me know soon.
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