Patti (whipartist) wrote,

My st00pid car

A few weeks ago, my car decided not to start one morning. It had all of the symptoms of a dead battery, so I pulled out my emergency jumpstart battery and started it. I drove it for a while before parking it for the day, and it started just fine later. And the next day. And a few days later, it wouldn't start again. I jumpstarted it a few times, then put a brand new battery in about a week and a half ago.

This morning, the car wouldn't start. Same symptoms. I put the jumpstart battery on and started it, then drove it a few blocks to my mechanic, described the symptoms, and said, "Fix it please." We agreed that the most likely culprit was the alternator.

They called me a few minutes ago. "The charging system seems just fine. Tell us again what happened?" In addition to what I was describing above, the various lights (dash, headlights) brightened and dimmed cyclically at idle today, as they did just before I replaced the battery.

So I have two guesses:

- Intermittently-bad charging system
- Something draining the battery

I'm guessing the latter, which makes me grumpy.

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