Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Headed home from Vegas

I'm in McCarran waiting for my flight. Rundown for the weekend:

- Played only a couple of hours of real (meaning +EV trying-to-win rather than pocket-change fooling around) video poker. Hit a royal for $4000 and quad aces for $800. Net plus for the trip somewhere between $3K and $4K.

- Played three tournaments, chopped the Orleans noon one today. Kevan took third at Caesars Friday night.

- Binions has remodeled their restrooms, much to my great shock. The cash games have also moved into a new poker room, located where the sports book used to be. I didn't play cash games, but Kevan says it's nice.

- $30 car for the weekend, comped room, not-too-expensive flight.

- Friday night we went to the sushi place in the Flamingo at around 9 p.m. We were quite literally the only customers there during our entire meal. Service was not slow, but man oh man was that surprising. Does not bode well.

- There's a Burke in the Box in McCarran Terminal D now. If you don't know wht that is, you're missing out. Can I just say asiago truffle fries?

- Had dinner at Boulder Station with fich, jnala, sunday_silence and Kevan. The food was good, and our waiter was excellent.

- I love my friends!
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