Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Minor engineering project advice

My loft has an exterior concrete wall, and two great big old warehouse-style windows. You can sort of see one of them in a badly-exposed photo here, and another view here The other is pretty much exactly the same.

The windows are old old old single-pane things, one of them doesn't close completely, and they leak air like a sieve. They have honeycomb blinds installed, and those help, but I think I want to put drapes over them as well to help keep the place warm.

The problem? The ceiling and walls are both 80-year-old concrete, and I'm not sure what the easiest/best way is too mount curtain rods. Ideally I'd like something that could be done without drilling, but I have no idea if there are any adhesives that might work. I'm fairly flexible on what kind of rod, and I don't care if it's fastened to the wall, the side posts, or the ceiling.

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