Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Oakland Riots-- a little too close for comfort

There was rioting only a few blocks from my house tonight. When I got home, the neighborhood was buzzing with police cars and helicopters, but nothing was obvious in the immediate vicinity of my place. The rioting was as close as 5-6 blocks away, and the McDonalds in one of the photos is ten blocks away.

SFGate coverage:

Flickr photo set from Thomas Hawk:

I was chatting with the abovementioned coworker tonight when we had this IM conversation:

[23:00] me: I'm trying to decide whether it's worth the effort to get my car off of the street.
[23:01] him: yeah... you should make sure it's safe and sound
[23:01] him: I have two words for you...
[23:01] him: LA riots
[23:01] me: Right.
[23:01] me: OK, off I go.

He was right. In a fit of healthy paranoia, I moved my car off of the street and into the garage. I think the odds of anything happening here are very low, but it was worth five minutes of my time.
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