Patti (whipartist) wrote,

It was a party!

My company, decided to throw a party tonight. It was kind of a throwback to the old dot-com glory days, though we did it all on essentially a shoestring budget.

We held the party in unused office space in our building, and bought a bunch of beer and snacks. We found a DJ and a couple of massage therapists on our system, as well as a contact juggler who wanted to perform. We also rented a karaoke machine and put it in a back room.

In order to come to the party you had to RSVP by joining one of the tribes on our system. It was great fun over the weeks watching the tribe go from 20 to 50 to 100 members, and keep climbing and climbing. The final tally as of right now is 447 people! One person came in from Portland, another from Indiana, and yet another flew in all the way from Florida. Wow. She's a henna artist, and she set up shop in a conference room and painted people with all sorts of lovely designs.

It was an amazing amount of fun. I ran into an old coworker, saw a bunch of people I knew, and met a bunch of people that I knew online from Tribe, Livejournal, and a few other venues. I even managed to get dragged into singing karaoke after I found a song that my can't-carry-a-tune self could manage. (Great Balls of Fire, if you're wondering.) And after the party ended, we trotted up the street to the local dive bar and partied some more.

And now, I am exhausted. I had nightmares about it being dreadfully dull, but it was great!
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