Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Cool and uncool cars

Yesterday I saw this car driving down University in Berkeley. I love it! I've been tempted to turn my old beater BMW into an art car, but I'm too lazy.

A few weeks ago I was driving up I-80 in Berkeley on a Saturday afternoon. As is usual for this time of day, traffic was stop-and-go for a couple of miles. A few car lengths ahead of me, I see a beat-up old brown station wagon that appears to be driving down the shoulder on three wheels. "Holy shit!", I think. (I'm always unbelievably eloquent when I'm thinking to myself.)

A second glance reveals that it is indeed driving on three wheels-- the left front wheel is about four feet off the ground. As I watch in horrified fascination, the car makes a quick swerve left into the traffic lane, then bounces down onto all four wheels. It's riding with the nose high off the ground, and the back bumper nearly scraping the pavement.

About 30 seconds later, it lifts up onto three wheels again, and cuts left into the next lane. It stays up for about half a mile, then bounces down, after which it bounces up and down for a while-- the driver is clearly having too much fun with his tricked out suspension. Traffic is really heavy, but everybody is giving this goofball a lot of room.

Shortly after it does a third three-wheeled lane change, I get into the exit lane, and pull up so that I'm next to the wagon. I look over, and see three young children bouncing around in the back seat, no seatbelt, no car seat.

Idjit. (TM Clay Bond)
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