Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Technical assistance needed

This shouldn't be this hard.

I recently bought a new hard drive which is twice the size of my (nearly full) old one. The old drive has two partitions, one NTFS and one FAT32. My typical new drive procedure is:

- Boot partition magic
- Copy the primary partition to the new drive
- Resize it if necessary
- Copy the secondary partition to the new drive
- Resize it
- Pull the old drive from the system and use the new one

I've probably done this a dozen or more times with no problems. For a variety of reasons, it isn't working this time. First off, PartitionMagic consistently won't boot from the CD. I downloaded the gparted live CD, which looks like it should be just the thing. Unfortunately, ntfsclone thinks that the partition has errors and refuses to copy it. I've gone through quite a few cycles of booting windows, setting it up to run a disk scan, rebooting, rebooting, and then booting into gparted and trying to copy the partition. No dice through the GUI.

I did once manage to drop to the command-line and copy the partitions manually, but when I pulled the second drive and rebooted it seemed that the hard drive was G: and H: rather than C: and D:, and I couldn't find an easy way to fix that.

Anyone have a recommendation for a free or reasonably-priced commercial product that will let me do what I want? It's an XP box, if that matters.
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