Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Today in un-dietland

I'm still following the don't-be-a-dumbshit un-diet, though I haven't been working out much because I've been sick. Paying attention to eating less, skewing towards healthier choices, and being sane about portion sizes has interesting effects. The rules for the don't-be-a-dumbshit diet are completely non-restrictive-- nothing is off-limits. Rather, the idea is to move the average in a positive direction, while not creating any of the challenges that come from not being allowed to eat things that you want. To me, it seems better to develop a reasonable decision-making process than to deprive yourself of things you want.

Tonight we had pizza delivered to work while moving offices. OK, pizza sounded good and I was hungry, so I grabbed a piece. I finished it, and was still hungry, so I grabbed a second. Halfway through the second piece my body said, "OK, that's enough." I picked one piece of chicken off and ate it, since it was extremely tasty, and tossed the rest.

Three months ago I'm sure I would have finished the second piece, and maybe had a third as well.

That was kinda fun-- it validates the idea that my body can learn better habits.
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