Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Why I was curious

I asked earlier today about looking both ways when crossing a one-way street. Here's the story.

This afternoon, I left the office and started to cross the street to get lunch. Although it's a fairly large street (Townsend in SF) visibility is extremely good and traffic is usually quite light, so one can jaywalk safely. This is especially convenient for me, since the office is in the middle of the block, as is the bagel bakery where I always get lunch. Townsend is a two-way street, though.

As always, I looked left and saw that the coast was clear, then looked right toward the traffic light to check the same thing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement where I wasn't expecting it, and avoided walking out behind the car that was barreling down the street in reverse. Smooth move, magoo.

I crossed the street safely, and then wondered if I would have seen him if it had been a one-way street. I concluded that I would have, partially because I'm in the habit of doing so, and partially because I generally have a trust-but-verify mentality.

The "Paranoia" title of the survey was mostly silliness. I should have called it "Healthy Paranoia", I think.
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