Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I have a bit of a crush on this guy

David Bedella was one of the stars of Jerry Springer, The Opera when I saw it in London. He gave an outstanding performance as Jerry's warm-up man in the first act, and as the devil in the second act, and looked like he was having a boatload of fun doing it. It was only later that I learned that he's gay, a devout Christian, and his partner is a minister.

A couple of years later, he toured the UK playing Frank in The Rocky Horror Show, which I was very disappointed to have missed-- he's incredibly charismatic, and I'm sure he handled the role brilliantly.

In order to avoid missing more treats, I set up a Google alert on his name.

He's doing Jerry Springer the Opera in Sydney, and did this interview:
“The controversy never really bothered me too much because I think the piece is so glorious that it speaks for itself,” says Bedella. “However, I think the thing that was most upsetting to me was that Christian right wing extremists were giving Christianity a bad name, which is a problem for me because I myself am a devout Christian. They make people think that we’re all as crazy as they are. Most of the people who were doing the protests were doing it out of ignorance. Over and over I’d go outside the theatre and I’d have conversations with them, I’d invite them in to see the show. I’d tell them ‘I know you’re upset about it, I can get you free tickets, I can put you in the balcony and you can watch, and then we can have an informed conversation about what it is you’re protesting,’ and universally they’d say, ‘nope, we don’t need to see it to know that it’s bad, we don’t need to see it to know that it’s blasphemy.’ So you were dealing with a level of ignorance there that really was hard to have conversation with.”

As much as I'm not a fan of Christianity in general, I really have to respect a Christian who doesn't let his religion overpower his intelligence.

The end of this video is priceless. It was probably scripted, but I don't care.

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