Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Comedy of errors

My weekend has been a comedy of errors, largely self-inflicted.

I had two mandatory tasks-- play 48 SNGs, and get all my artwork ready to ship to Seattle on Monday.

Why 48 SNGs? I was on track to hit the middle to top of the high-orbit leaderboard on PokerStars-- first prize was a grand, and fifteen got paid-- but to do that I had to play 100 SNGs for the week. I figured it was worth busting my butt to take a shot at it, because there was a really good chance that I'd get at least some money out of it. I played four Friday night when I got home, leaving 44 to play by 9 p.m. on Saturday. I did it, with a couple of hours to spare, but had a bad run near the end. I figured I'd still get something out of it though.

I looked today, and discovered that I finished 16th. What a waste of a day! I did get 10th on the low-orbit board, though. Whoop.

Saturday evening I made German potato salad, since I'd been craving it for a couple of weeks. The only problem was that I overcooked the potatoes, and there was no chance in hell that they'd stay in chunks. Plan B: German mashed potatoes. I whipped the potatoes then beat in the dressing, and they turned out pretty good.

Then I sat down to finish matting and framing my artwork for the show-- there are two pieces for the show that need to be framed, and 30 for the store that need to be matted and bagged. A lot of them were already matted, so it shouldn't have been too bad. I got a few done and ran out of mats, so I reached into my mat cabinet to get more. There were none. I was dead certain that I had another package, but I was wrong.

I order my mats pre-cut from a place in Santa Rosa that does excellent work at a reasonable price, largely because I'm lazy and sloppy and don't want to do that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, they're only open weekdays, and there's generally a 4-5 day turnaround. And I need them this weekend. Shit! I guess I'll go out Sunday and get a mat cutter and matboard, and learn to do it myself. Dammit.

Somewhere in the middle of this I realize that I should put certificates of authenticity in with the photos. If I was selling in California they'd be mandatory, but in Washington they're not. Still, it's worth doing it right and they also serve the purpose of putting identifying information with the photos.

I whipped one up for each photo, found my high-end certificate paper, and started printing... then ran out of paper halfway through. Oh well... I have to go to Office Depot anyway to get packing materials, so picking up paper will be easy.

Somewhere during the day I decided to make bacon mayonnaise, since I'd cooked a pound of bacon for potato salad and BLTs. To my great surprise, it turned out OK. The recipe I used called for way too much mustard, but other than that it's quite tasty.

Sunday was a glorious day-- warm, sunny, and absolutely beautiful. I grabbed a Bakesale Betty fried chicken sandwich, then headed into Berkeley to do art stores and other erranding. I found a mat cutter and mats, and decided I liked their frames better than the ones I'd been using, so I picked up a couple of those too. -$300 out the gate. And I had to put the top up on the car so I didn't damage the matboard. I did hardware store errands, then kicked around Alameda for a while trying to find boxes that were the right size before giving up and buying the not-quite-right size at Office Depot.

Once I got home I set to work learning to cut mats, and found out it wasn't nearly as hard as I expected-- this is what happens when you spend a lot of money on good tools, I guess. I cut 12 mats, and 11 of them turned out usable. The 12th was my first attempt, so I'm pretty happy. They aren't as nice as the ones I buy precut, but it's sure as hell not worth my time to do big batches of them myself. At least now I know I can do it if I have to.

Next up: printing certificates. At some point today I decided I should do them on the color inkjet rather than then black-and-white laser printer. This turned out to be a pretty good idea with one exception-- four of my eight ink cartridges bit the dust after about ten pages. I have spares, though, right? Nope. I guess they'll be laser-printed.

I got everything mounted, bagged, and certificated. (I thought I made that up, but the FireFox spellchecker doesn't choke on it. It chokes on FireFox, though. Ha!) I got the two exhibition photos into the new frames, then drilled and wired the frames... and it worked! Apparently I can cut mats and wire picture frames. Who knew?

So now the two exhibition photos are framed and semi-packed. I wrapped them in static foam, put cardboard frame corners on, wrapped them in another layer of static foam, then wrapped them in two layers of bubble wrap. I'm going to pack them in a box tomorrow with lots of peanuts, then probably put the box inside a bigger box for extra protection. I think they'll be OK.

At this point, there's one major thing hanging over my head. The festival was supposed to send me bar-coded labels for all of my store merchandise. They haven't. They haven't answered their email all weekend. I can't ship the photos until I have them, and I have to ship them tomorrow or they won't make it by the deadline. This is sub-optimal, but I'll deal with it in the morning.

On the flip side, some things went right as well. I had a lovely date Friday night. I made yummy BLTs, once with bacon mayo and onions. The bacon mayo turned out good. I used three different very sharp objects and no blood was shed. I got into zero car accidents, unlike the dude Friday night. (Oh, did I mention that? While we were waiting for a cab at Market and Church, some dipshit ran a red light across Market, got hit by the F, then spun around and hit a truck. I'm pretty sure that there were no injuries, and there were tons of witnesses, so we didn't stick around.) I got to cruise around with the top down on a warm sunny day. And I'm pretty close to done with the art prep-- I'd be done if they'd gotten labels to me.

and now, sleep.
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