Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Mobile problem solved

I figured out why my entries disappeared into the void last weekend. It turns out that if you send an entry with a Subject and a photo, but no text in the body, LiveJournal drops it on the floor. Adding a single word in the body causes it to post just fine.

Oh well. Y'all were denied crappy cel phone pictures of the waterfront during lunch, and Mt. Rainier from the top of the space needle. I'm sure you're suffering terribly from that.

The trip was fantastic. I got to see lots of friends, including elfs and his lovely wife omahas-- I haven't seen them in 15 years! It's amazing how little they've changed.

SEAF was pretty amazing. There was lots of great art, excellent entertainment, and tons of well-dressed eye candy wandering the show.

I also saw some wonderful theater, attended a fun class, ate excellent food, and just generally enjoyed what Seattle had to offer. But no crappy phonecam pictures for you. Nyah!

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