Patti (whipartist) wrote,

RIP Clarence

Clarence Today was not a good day.

Clarence, my darling yet aging kitty, has been slowing down for a while. Last night he read me the loud meowy feline riot act because I was in the kitchen and not giving him canned food. I did, and he only ate about half of it.

This morning when I got up we had a nice chat in the bathroom, but he seemed a little bit slower than usual. An hour or so later, when I headed for the shower, I found him on the bathroom floor having spasms. A few minutes later he was sleeping peacefully, but it was clear to me that the end had come. After a brief bit of panic I decided that since he didn't seem to be in pain I would rather let him go quietly at home than to suffer the indignity of being hauled to the vet. I stayed home from work so that I could be with him, and react quickly if he seemed to be suffering.

He died quietly a few hours later.

Farewell Clarence, Purrmonster, Stupid Furball, Squeaky Kitty, You Little Shit, Purrkit, Fuzzball, Squeakadoodle, Loudmouth Kitty. I'll miss your licking my fingers when I type, getting underfoot constantly, and shedding on everything I own. When I walk in the door you won't come running to greet me, or chew me out vociferously for having the audacity to leave you home alone. I'm sorry I didn't always keep your litter box quite up to your meticulous standards or ever skritch you enough... thanks for putting up with me anyway.
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