Patti (whipartist) wrote,

One casualty isn't so bad

Last night I cut over to the new computer as my primary desktop machine. Leaving behind 10+ years of accumulated software, data, and other random stuff is challenging, but I'm slowly getting everything installed and working correctly.

Holy crap is Photoshop fast on this thing! The deactivation/activation process for Photoshop sucks, though. I couldn't deactivate it on my old computer, and all it gave me was a numeric error message. Adobe's website didn't help. I finally spent half an hour on the phone with some dude in India to get it straightened out, and he didn't really fix it-- he just increased my activation limit. Bah.

Tonight I dug up printer drivers for both of the printers. I then tried to find a driver for my flatbed scanner, and failed miserably-- it just doesn't exist.
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