Patti (whipartist) wrote,


I'm home. I'm exhausted, especially after getting to sit on the plane for an extra hour due to a ground stop at SFO. (Funny thing: I got a page from United just as we were about to push back, saying our departure time was delayed by an hour. I called a flight attendant over and showed it to her, and her response was, "Your information is better than ours; all we know is that we're being delayed.")

Last night I tipped about a zillion dealers, one cocktail waitress repeatedly, several security guards, a couple of floormen, a janitor, a cocktail waitress I passed while walking through the casino, a random blackjack dealer, and three railbirds. One of the railbirds was awesome-- he caught the chip, then immediately lobbed it into the dealer's cup. I also managed to spend five hours in thigh-high platform boots with five inch heels, and the end result was precisely zero broken ankles. It's a miracle!

A strong get well soon to adb_foldem, who got to spend a little bit of BARGE in the emergency room, and a fair bit of it feeling miserable. (No, it's nothing major, just a post-root-canal infection. He'll be OK, but suffered a lot through BARGE.)

And now, it's time for me to curl up in my very own toasty warm bed. 'night!
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