Patti (whipartist) wrote,

A solution for every problem

Last Sunday I had a fairly long list of errands to run and things to pick up. One of the things was a trip to the farmers' market, and another was to pick up cherry syrup (for Italian sodas.) Somewhere along the line, I realized that buying cherry syrup was probably sub-optimal, and that I could find good cherries at the market. I didn't, but I picked some up at the grocery store a few days ago.

This evening I pitted a few pounds of cherries, cooked them until they released their juices, and then strained the juice out. The juice became cherry syrup. I was left with a big pile of mushy but very tasty cooked cherry bits, and nothing to do with them. Hrmmmmm. It would be a shame to let those go to waste.

A bottle of brandy solved that problem quite nicely.
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