Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Review: Eat Real Festival eats

The first Eat Real Festival happened in my neighborhood this weekend. Since it's hard to resist yummy food that's just a few blocks away, I walked over all three days. It was a most excellent event, with lots of great stuff happening and all kinds of yummy food. Here are capsule reviews of what I had:

Fenton's Ice Cream: Tasty, but not something I'd go very far out of my way for.

Kara's Cupcakes: Mmm, chocolate. It's hard to screw up a cupcake, yanno?

Adobo Hobo: very yummy chicken adobo drumstick over rice. If there weren't so many other tasty things to try, I would have had seconds.

Los Cilantros: a reasonably good taco truck tamale. Excellent strawberry agua fresca.

Phatt Matt's BBQ: Yummy brisket, but it wasn't my favorite. They served it with a sweet sauce on a Hawaiian sweet roll, and that was just too much sweet.

Urban Nectar: watermelon agua fresca was the perfect thing for a warm sunny day. I wished for a slightly stronger strawberry lemonade.

Chop Bar: Tasty roasted pig is a good start. Tasty roasted pig with yummy relishes is even better. Tasty roasted pig with yummy relishes served with made-on-the-spot flatbread is heaven. I'm looking forward to having them in my building.

Kika's Treats: Holy mother of a deity I don't even believe in. Start with a caramelized graham cracker. Top it with a handmade marshmallow. Torch the marshmallow with a creme brulee torch, then to the whole thing with a dark chocolate covered graham cracker. This particular bit of delicious evil was worth the $3 and the ten minutes I spent in line. And then some.
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