Patti (whipartist) wrote,

The kittens are pretty much permanently hiding behind the washer right now. However, I'm tricky! I set up a motion-detecting webcam so that I could see when/if they came out and what they did. Lo and behold, I caught one of them going walkabout for a few seconds. I'm hoping they start exploring soon. Maybe when they get hungry?

OK, I'm not sure I want to admit this but we're all friends, right?

I was in the grocery store this evening, reading the labels on various cat foods. OK, I was trying to, and cursing the small low-contrast print that was used for nutrition info. I eventually gave up and headed for another department. As I turned the corner out of the pet aisle, I came across an endcap that was full of reading glasses. Hrmm. I grabbed a pair at random, and put them on, then went back and tried to read a cat food label. Much to my shock and horror, I could. I grabbed a can, went back to the endcap, and tried on several different strengths, found one that worked pretty well, and bought a pair.

It's official. I'm getting old.


I snagged this image from the Mt. Wilson observatory webcam a couple of minutes ago. Yikes! Here's hoping for a speedy containment of the fire, and for everyone in the area to be OK.

(OK, I probably violated copyright by doing this, but I'm guessing they wouldn't find it objectionable.)
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