Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Why you shouldn't trust Google with too much personal data, and kitten porn

I read an interesting article on recently wherein Sergey Brin says that you should trust Google with your personal data. Cindy Cohen of the EFF makes one good counter-argument. I have another.

Brin points out that Google fought off the DOJ's subpoena of search queries, and uses that as an argument for why you should trust them. I see that as a reason for caution more than optimism. The more personal data Google has, the more of a target they become. The US government will be after them, foreign governments will be after them, hackers will be after them-- anyone who wants a lot of data will go to Google. Just because Google was successful that time doesn't mean they always will be. In fact, the more data they have, the more attractive they will be to outside entities who want to get at it.

And to change the subject, here's some kitten porn from last night.

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