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I still log into from time to time. I also moderate a tribe called Atheists Only, which is precisely what it sounds like. I got this text as a membership request today:
wow! have u actualy read the bible or studied it. first we have the origionals of the bible before christ, word for word. have u ever herd of the dead sea scrolls and the septuagint. there are many other parts that i can talk about but those are two of 8 wrighting. look them up if you think crist is nothing. they are word for word from the time they were wrighten till know and that is over 3000 years. there are 24000 total documentary pieces of evidence that exist to suport the bible.
if you can find even one one archeological discovery that disproves the bible just tell me. because there are ZERO!!!! did u get that ZERO!!!
here are a few answers to your questions
1. not every christian is perfect and the bible verse says nothing about falowing the O.T. perfectly it says u shell do your best and u will be great in the kingdome of heaven.
2.haha i love this question, do u believe in abortion. u are just a hypocrite if you are against God on that question.
6. no they dont if they havent herd of the Lord Jesus Christ the will go to heaven. i new this one women and her son was dieing of a brain tumer and had a few days to live. they were in the hospital and she woke up and her son was talking in his sleep. he was saying "lord am i going to be ok." he woke up the next morning and told his parents "it is really fascinating to learn about God" the lord was teaching him the word of God" if you dont believe me i will give you conections the the family. they are pasters and u can ask them you questions. i am not saying u are crazy and u should go to hell i think i should give christ a chance.

I politely thanked him for the crazy rant, told him I was glad Christianity worked for him, and that he wasn't welcome in a tribe that dedicated to atheism. I managed not to tell him to fuck right off.
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