Patti (whipartist) wrote,

My first Do Not Call complaint!

My cel phone rang this morning, and caller ID said it was from a 702 area code. 702 is Vegas, but I couldn't think of anyone down there who was calling me.

It was a telemarketer for I listened to his introductory spiel, then asked him again for the name of his company. At that point I informed him that he was in violation of the federal do-not-call law, and that his call would be reported.

"You can report anything you want, but you have a business, right?"


"What about this eff-bee-ess dot com. That's a business, isn't it?"

"No. It's a free public service to the internet community."

"Well that's what we're all about-- driving traffic to websites. You can report anything you want, but we just want to help your business. I'll mark our list so that we never call you again."

"Thank you. I'll report you to the FTC immediately." "Comma, you asshole", I'm thinking.
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