Patti (whipartist) wrote,

So this running thing...

This running thing kinda freaks me the fuck out. I just finished W2D2, and I find that I'm almost looking forward to running. What. The. Fuck?

So W2D2 was not appreciably easier than W2D1. The first couple of runs were easy, but the last couple were really tough. Based on that, I expect I'm probably going to have to hold myself back and do some week 2 summer school before I move on to week 3. I'm OK with that. I'm actually surprised I've gotten this far this quickly and remained in one piece. There was almost no dizziness this time.

BTW, I'm posting this largely so that I have a record of it, but also so that y'all can keep me honest-- if I don't post anything about running for a while, feel free to chime in and ask me what's up with that. You are my collective conscience. I certainly don't mind advice and applause, but don't feel obligated to reply just because I finished another run.
Tags: c25k
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