Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I ran. Well, mostly.

I ran tonight. I didn't finish, but I have a good excuse.

So there I was, running along, about two thirds of the way through my workout, and not quite dead yet but thinking I'd probably make it to the end. And then, BANG!

It was something in the treadmill, not in me, but it caused the treadmill to come to a screeching halt. The electronics behave normally, but I can't get the belt to move. Well, it moves if I push it manually, but I can't get the treadmill to do its thing. I've tried powering it on and off several times, and resetting the circuit breaker, but no dice. I am most displeased with this development.

I suppose I'll have to take the damned thing apart. In the meantime, the hotel I'm staying at in LA has a fitness center, so I'll take my running clothes with me. The idea of actually doing this outside in the real world, without something else setting my pace is pretty scary.
Tags: c25k
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