Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Droid tethering

I installed PDANet from June Fabrics on the Droid. Bluetooth tethering doesn't seem to work very well, but wired tethering is great. I used it while I was at the car dealership today, and it was very robust and speedy.

I mostly love the phone. My biggest complaint is that the indicators for voicemail, missed calls, and text messages are small and non-obvious. Also, you can't change the ringer volume (such as to set the phone to vibrate) without going through the process of turning on and unlocking the phone-- I'm used to just flipping a switch on the Treo. The email app is pretty crappy.

Google turn-by-turn driving directions are good if a bit rough-- I've gotten some of the voice commands a bit later than is reasonable. The screen is fantastic, and the keyboard is starting to suck less. Voice search is an amusing toy, though I couldn't get it to search for my name-- it insisted on searching for Patty Beatle.

Still, it's a pretty slick phone, and way more usable than the iPhones I've played with.
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