Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Run run, rain rain

I ran, at 1.6x my normal pace. The hotel's fitness centre is nice, but fairly crowded at 7 a.m.-- apparently it's a membership-based club that hotel guests have access to.

This was the hardest of the runs that I've done so far. In fact, I cheated a little-- the plan is 3min run, 1.5m walk, 5min run, 2.5min walk, repeat. I added an extra 30 seconds to each of the walks, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten through it otherwise. I really think the jump from week 3 to week 4 is too big, but I'm OK with adapting it to what works for me.

Annoyingly, to get back to the hotel from the fitness center requires climbing 45 stairs. It made me wonder why I bothered with the running part.

So I'm contemplating a trip to Glengoyne distillery today. Unfortunately, it's cold and rainy and windy here in Scotland, and the heaviest rains are expected around midday. Bah. Still, I'm pretty sure that I won't melt, and there's a city bus that will take me right to the gate. Hrmm. BTW, the Glasgow public transit system is even more complex and convoluted than in the bay area.
Tags: c25k
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