Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I ran

W4D... hmm, let's call it W4D3b is in the bag.

I'm sort of horrified, actually. I left for the gym around 8:15 this morning. WTF? I'm not usually even awake at that hour. 24 Hour Fitness was still busy, but less mobbed than when I went the other night. Thanks to @slamonella for showing me where to find a 17-day guest pass rather than the usual 7-day.

The run was better than the other day, but still kicked my ass. I'm still doing longer walks between runs than what the program calls, but I'm using my heart rate as a guide. I think I'm going to do at least two full week 4s before moving on, and at least two days of doing it without longer walks, before moving on. I'm starting to see how I eventually will be able to move on, although I'm not there yet. A few days ago it felt like I'd run to the end of the line.

Now, I need to pack, shower, and get to the office. I have a busy day and weekend ahead of me.
Tags: c25k
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