Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I did WHAT?

I just got back from the gym.

As you may recall, the normal week 4 is five minute warmup walk, three minute run, 1.5 minute walk, five minute run, 2.5 minute walk, three minute run, 1.5 minute walk, five minute run, five minute cooldown walk. This particular workout has been severely kicking my ass, so I've been adding more time to the walks. Tonight went like this:

Warmup walk, three minute run. OK, I'm tired, and a 90-second walk isn't going to do it-- I'll do two minutes.

Five minute run. ARGH, this sucks. Man, how can people do this? This is the most boring thing I can imagine doing. Push push, I want to quit, but I'm too stubborn, but man do I want to quit. Man, that chick next to me has a great ass. OK, only a minute left. Nice rack too. Plod, plod, yawn, OK, five minutes is up, thank god. Three minute walk.

Three minute run. OK, three minutes doesn't entirely suck. It's dull, but it takes about two and a half minutes for me to get well and truly bored, so I can do this. Three minute walk, because my heart rate wasn't quite down to where I wanted it to be after two.

Five minute run. Hate this. Hate hate hate. Oh man, the chick with the rack quit already, and she looked like she was about to die after running for two minutes. Wimp. Wait, why do I do this to myself? This running thing sucks. Three minutes down, two to go. I need a nap. Run run run. I'll check my heart rate to break up the monotony. The Knight Rider animation on the monitor is cute. OK, heart rate of 144... about what I expected, and pretty close to the top of where I want to be. Man, this is boring. Only a minute to go... that's 70 steps to count, roughly. Ten, twenty.

OK, I've done five minutes. Hmm. I wonder if I can do one more? I'll try it. 60, 65, 70, wow, I can. Maybe another one?

60, 65, 70, holy crap. I've run for seven straight minutes. Can I do eight?

OK, this is still boring. Let's check my heart rate. Hrmm. OK, 147, holding steady. I'm not dead yet. 60, 65, 70, eight fucking minutes. WHOA!

Heart rate is holding steady in the high 140s. Let's keep going. Man, this is dull, but I can do one more minute. 60, 65, 70. NINE!

Nine. That's not a round number. Ten is a round number. I think I'm still alive, my heart rate is 146, do it. Do it. Still bored, though. Oooh, that guy has a nice tattoo. Plod plod plod. 30 seconds left. 20. 10. Get ready to reach for the speed dial.


So I don't really know what to make of this. I'm pretty sure that if I'd set out to do ten minutes I would have failed miserably-- it's too big a chunk of time for my brain to cope with, and I don't see enough mental progress bars to make myself keep going. But I could slippery slope my way into it.

I listened to music this time rather than This American Life, which may have helped. I don't know for sure, but maybe it distracts a different part of my brain. Most of the run still felt pretty sucky, though, like I really had to force myself through it. It didn't feel good. And I'm pretty sure I still couldn't really do a W4Dx without modification.

Maybe I'm getting better, though. I felt significantly less dead at the end of this run than after the last one.

And I'm working on getting a new controller board for the treadmill.
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