Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Social media for the win

This morning I discovered that Prairie Home Companion is taping live in San Francisco today. Must drop other plans and go! Unfortunately, I immediately discovered that it's sold out.

I scanned Craigslist, but saw nothing promising, so I posted a listing looking for a single ticket.

I posted something to Twitter, bemoaning the fact that the show is sold out. A friend commiserated, and said she'd tried to get tickets to but couldn't.

My phone rings. It's someone from Craigslist, offering me two tickets at face value. I only need one, but can I call you back in a little bit if I want to take both?

Sent the friend a tweet asking if she wanted the other. Yes! Called the guy back and made arrangements to buy both tickets.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes.
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