Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I ran

I did 30 minutes, sort of. It was 30 minutes with a few "take a big drink and catch my breath" breaks, and normally I'd make up that time at the end but today it wasn't a good idea.

That was seriously the worst run I've had since the infamous I'm going to stop running run a couple of months ago. I blame any or all of the following:

- Temperature (gym was a little warmer than usual)
- Hydration (I drank a lot, but maybe not enough)
- Blood pressure (was it low? dunno)
- Treadmill (maybe it's calibrated a bit faster than the others?)
- TV (the two TVs in my line of site were showing sports, which won't distract me)
- Phase of the moon (it's a good a theory as any other)
- My body (maybe it's just cranky about something?)

It started off bad-- without planning to, I found myself counting steps. I haven't done that since I was doing 3-5 minute runs, which seems like years ago.

I felt tired earlier than usual, and it wasn't just psychological-- my heart rate shot up faster than the normal escalation. I kinda pushed my way through as well as I possibly could, with short water/rest breaks when I needed to, but I felt just bleah. At the end I felt a bit more light-headed than usual, and moved kinda slowly through my stretches and until I got home. I didn't feel as bad as after the stop-running run, but it wasn't good.

So technically, I didn't meet the letter of the W9 30-minute run. I don't care... I'm counting it as W9D2, and just writing it off to being an off day. One more run and I graduate! I hope the next one sucks less.
Tags: c25k
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