Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Cats and kittens

Boo is a total goofball-- whenever he drinks water, he puts his paw in the bowl and splashes it around first. It's the silliest thing! It doesn't hurt anything, since the bowl is on a tile floor, but it's silly.

Yikes ate solid food tonight. I gave him a tiny dab on my finger, and then offered him the bowl. He lapped a fair bit of it up. Oops was less interested, but licked a little bit off of my finger. Yikes has also taken to dashing around the room and diving under my bookshelves, and tonight he ran up to Boo and pounced on him. Boo just looked indignant. Oops is a bit more sedate, and is quicker to go curl up in the corner and nap. I'm pretty sure they're both boys.

Last night they had a big ole kitten wrestling match, the first one I've seen. They also tend to sleep on top of each other, which they've been doing since they were born.

Peek is her usual self, and just seems to take everything in stride.

zbignieuu LOLcatted Oops:

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