Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Oops and Yikes, age 7 weeks

They were seven weeks old yesterday. And they've gotten cute! Yikes is definitely a go-go-goer, into everything, fearless, and nothing is going to stop him. Oops is playful and curious, but a bit mellower than his brother. Did I mention cute? It's hard to get a picture of Yikes, because he doesn't sit still, but Oops is going to be a gorgeous cat when he grows up. He's already a beautiful silver fluffball with grey-green eyes.

They're pretty much weaned now, and should be ready to go to a new home in a week or two. I'd really like them to go to someone who wants to keep them together, and you'll see why when you look at the pictures-- they're definitely buddies. If you'd like to adopt a pair of adorable kittens, or know someone who would, send them my way. They've been around people all their lives, so they're well-socialized and think that humans are friendly providers of food and entertainment.

Yes, they really do sleep like that.

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Yikes, age 7 weeks Oops, age 7 weeks Oops, age 7 weeks Yikes and Oops, age 7 weeks
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