Patti (whipartist) wrote,


There's a new motorcycle in my garage.

Because I haven't ridden in a year, I think the tires are a little bit marginal, and the weather forecast said rain, wind, and cold, I decided to have my tow guy bring it home fore me rather than doing 45 miles of busy and somewhat fucked-up freeway on the new (to me) bike. 880 between San Jose and Oakland is not my favorite stretch of road even in the best of conditions.

This worked out really well, since stevecohen happened to be about five miles away from where the bike was. I met my tow guy down there, paid for the bike, and had him drop it off at my house, then went to dinner with Steve.

When I got home I took her out for a half-hour putter around the neighborhood. She definitely goes putt putt rather than vroom vroom, but I'm OK with that. She runs well, and other than needing tires I didn't detect any obvious problems. I managed to keep her upright, not stall her, and not do anything even a little bit bad other than missing a couple of shifts-- I kept winding up in neutral rather than first when coming out of a stop sign. The shoulder was maybe the teeniest bit annoyed, but I don't think it's going to be a real problem.

YIPPIE! Bike! I think her name might be Pfaff.
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