Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Where is the ethical boundary here?

Here's the deal. Some ditzbrain moron chick gave out my gmail address as her email address a while ago. She did this a few times, but the specific case that is problematic right now is that she signed up an affiliate for some sports/energy drink company. I know this because I keep getting email that should be sent to her.

Because she's a moron, I have the username and password for her account with this company. I know she's doing business with them because I keep getting UPS delivery notices of her orders. She has a relatively unusual name and lives in a small town in a flyover state, so it's pretty easy to figure out who she is and how to get in touch with her, even if I didn't have her contact info from the signup confirmation mail.

When this happened a while ago, I jumped through all kinds of hoops to get it straightened out. I tried to find a working email address for her, but failed, so I called her and left a message. When she returned my call I explained what was going on, got her correct email address, sent her confirmation email (which she never answered), and even logged into her account on the vendor's website and changed the email address to the one she told me. (And yet the delivery confirmation email is going to my gmail address. I don't understand.)

I'm still getting email addressed to her. I am Not Happy. In fact, I'm annoyed as all fuck and rapidly approaching vindictive.

(Edit: I missed a couple of options. I could also edit her affiliate web page, or order a bunch of shit and have it shipped to her... her credit card is on file.)

Poll #1559926 Is it unethical?

Given the effort that I've made to straighten this out, which of the following would you consider ethical?

Unsubscribing her from promotional email from the vendor
Changing her email address with the vendor back to the one she gave them (i.e. mine)
Changing her password so she can't order more shit
Changing her address so shit she ordered goes somewhere else
Canceling her account with the vendor

What would you do if you were me?

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