Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Strange dream

I woke up this morning having one of the most bizarre dreams of my life, not just because of the content, but also because it was very long and very vivid, and I remembered most of the details when I woke up.

It started when I pulled into a rest area somewhere off of 280, and found a sign for either an environmental or economic (but I think environmental) monument. I went off to see it, and it turned out to be just a fairly small plaque. However, I then wound up taking the monorail from there to a seminar that was in some way related to the topic of the monument.

The monorail ended at something that looked like a very narrow waterslide, though the angle of it was so shallow it was nearly flat, and the water was a vivid blue color. I rode the waterslide thing for a couple of miles until it emptied into a giant lake of the same color water, and from there I went into the casino to the seminar. Strangely, I don't remember getting wet from being in the lake, though I also don't remember riding on anything... I was just floating on the surface of the water.

Before the seminar I chatted with the guy running it, and he said that he owned the big blue lake and was trying to buy the waterslide pathway thingy because it was somehow special, but that the owner was holding out and wouldn't sell. I vaguly remember that Larry Ellison was one of the two people involved, but I can't remember whether he owned the slide or was trying to buy it.

The seminar was in a standard-issue hotel conference room kinda place, with lots of chairs facing forward in three groups, and big screens at the front. Somebody talked a lot, and there were video presentations on two screens at the front. I can't remember if they were trying to sell us something or not, but I think they were.

When it was over, I tried to grab my laptop bag and purse, but they were missing. I started searching the room and was getting extremely agitated, but I was also watching the screens out of the corner of my eye, since they were still playing semi-random images. At some point the right screen showed someone who was dressed in a matrix-style black coat walking down the aisle toward the back of the room, after which a whole bunch of people started randomly grabbing purses and briefcases from people. It was obvious from context that this was footage from a casino security camera.

I left the room and went out into the main casino and talked to the people at the security desk just outside the room. They acknowledged that it was their tape that was shown, but refused to get involved because the seminar wasn't an official casino operation. I chewed them out for this a bit, then noticed a door open a crack in a room right next to the seminar room.

I peered in, and saw a big pile of laptops and bags, and several people working at benches to erase all of the laptops and strip stuff out of the bags. Aha! I went in, and found my laptop in a pile ready to be formatted... the nanowrimo "Ask me about my novel" sticker had been removed, but there was a masking tape label in its place with my last name on it. I grabbed the computer out of the pile, while being surprised to get no grief at all from the people working there. I found my purse across the room, fully expecting all of the money (well over a grand) to be missing, but much to my surprise it was intact. I found my cel phone as well, hunted around 'til I found the laptop bag, and then left the room.

I went out in front of the casino to call for a ride from a friend, and I remember explicitly telling him that I was at the casino in the hills south of Woodside, not the casino in Pacifica.
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