Patti (whipartist) wrote,

The day in poker

I decided to play the $200 Binions stud-8 tournament today, because it started at 2 p.m. and everything else was at noon. I was doing well but then went card dead and hosed my way out. I consoled myself by wandering over to Main Street Station and hitting an $800 quad aces. Unfortunately, I spewed most of it back.

After dinner with a few friends, I wandered over to the Rio to play satellites. They were just about to start the 11PM $100 tournament, and I decided that was close enough and bought in. I finished 7th out of 121 for a few hundred bucks.

Here's my embarrassing moment for the day: I'm standing outside the Rio around 1 a.m. during a tournament break. A late 20s-ish Asian guy stops to talk to me, and we chat for a couple of minutes while I desperately search my brain to figure out which of the young Asian poker players of my acquaintance this is. I'm almost in a panic, because this guy clearly knows a fair bit about me and I can't figure out who it is, but I have a sense that I'm going to step in it if I admit that I don't know who he is.

Finally he says something to give it away. I didn't recognize my step-brother. Fuck!

I never post poker hands, but here's one that annoyed the hell out of me. Blinds are 200-400 with some reasonable antes. I have around 11K before posting the big blind, which is well above average. One player in late position, who has been in jam or fold mode even when he shouldn't be, jams for about 4K. Two short stacks call, and I'm in the big blind with pocket nines.

I don't like my situation, and it's going to cost me over a third of my stack. On the other hand, I'm not at all convinced that any of the other players have me beat. I decide that I don't like the four-way action and fold. I'm up against K5s, QT, and ace rag, and to add insult to injury I would have flopped top set and turned a boat.

Thus far I've entered six tournaments. I've made three final tables, of which one resulted in a bubble, one in a low cash, and one in a chop. I guess I haven't forgotten how to play this game with real chips and cards.

So I have no idea what I'm going to play tomorrow. The $2K limit holdem is tempting, but a bit more than I want to invest. The $550 HORSE at the Venetian is my second choice. The $330 NL at Caesars is on the possibility list, though I may not wake up in time. I guess I'll sort it out when I wake up.
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