Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I nominate this for most overwrought showtune

So one of the interesting things about having the XM Broadway station while I'm in Vegas is that I get to hear a bunch of songs that I'm not familiar with. In fact, I'd say I'm batting a little over fifty percent for knowing the songs that they've been playing.

Fifty percent. Funny number, that. I heard this song yesterday and it seemed like the perfect embodiment of the worst of Broadway-- overwrought, overly dramatic, overperformed, overorchestrated, overemotional, overly sappy, and just generally overdone. It starts ramping up its crescendo of overblownedness just before the two minute mark, and really hits its overly melodramtic stride at about 2:30.

Without further overado, I give you Fifty Percent.

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