Patti (whipartist) wrote,

More poker

A couple of days ago, I wrote:

"Thus far I've entered six tournaments. I've made three final tables, of which one resulted in a bubble, one in a low cash, and one in a chop. I guess I haven't forgotten how to play this game with real chips and cards."

Well, I've now played eight. Yesterday I went really deep in the $550 HORSE at the Venetian. I was well above average in chips for most of the day and played very solid poker for 13 hours, but went card-dead late in the evening, lost a couple of big pots, and busted out in 25th place. 16 paid. It was a mixed field, quite a few very tough players, and some people who were good in some games but not others. Several of the people at my starting table are regulars in the Stars nightly $109 HORSE.

Today I played the $150NL at Binion's. I was about twice average for most of the day, got down to average after we were in the money, and lost about half my stack one hand before the final table. I jammed UTG first hand of the final table with 22, got called by 66, and that was that.

So that's eight tournaments, four final tables, two low cashes, one chop. I'm actually feeling quite good about my game right now, and hope to continue the ass-kicking habit in the WSOP ladies event.

I really enjoy being out on the tournament circuit... I miss it. I know from experience, though, that I don't want to do it full time. I wish I could find a way to spend about three months out of the year doing this. I'm particularly enjoying all of the sub-WSOP tournament series that are happening in Vegas right now-- Caesars, Venetian, Binions, with events mostly in the $200-500 range. I really like mid- and late-tournament play, where everyone is kind of short-stacked and every chip counts, but I'm finding that I also really enjoy the deep stack events that I've played. I'm playing them better than I thought I would and amassing chips early in all of them.
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