Patti (whipartist) wrote,


Warning: I'm going to drive topless through San Francisco next weekend.

Why? Because I can.

OK, a little more information. I got asked to drive International Ms. Leather and International Ms. Bootblack in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade next weekend. Ah, the joys of owning a convertible. But hey, I've never been in the SF parade. I haven't even gone to it since the first year I moved here. And International Ms. Leather is a friend of mine. I'm happy to help out, and it will be fun.

What's the perfect outfit for this? I think it's a black leather chauffeur cap, driving gloves, and tie. I could put more on, but really... why? OK, technically I need a couple of band-aids or some tape in order to be street-legal, but that doesn't really count.

Consider yourself forewarned. If you don't want to see me topless, stay out of San Francisco next Sunday, and don't watch the parade on TV.
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