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I know what larb gai is (without looking it up, of course)

I think so

My back is getting better. It's down from being nearly incapacitating when it first happened to just being painful and slowing me down right now. I have to be careful about everything I do, but tonight I managed to go to the grocery store and cook lunches for the week. Getting into a car is way harder than it seems-- you do all sorts of weird motions.

I decided that I wanted larb gai for lunch at work this week. For those who don't know, that's a thai ground chicken salad with shallots, mint, cilantro, lime juice, fish sauce, toasted rice powder, and thai peppers. It's a fairly low-calorie dish that's also quite tasty. I made a double batch of it, which should have been eight servings, and enough rice to go with five of them-- one for dinner tonight, and four for lunches this week.

A quick aside: I absolutely love using my grandmother's cast iron cookware to prepare dishes she'd never heard of. This amuses me to no end.

One of my favorite rants, and one I'm sure you've all heard before, is about how Americans have a distorted perception of what a portion size is. I count myself in that category-- recipes that claim they make four servings really come in at about two or two and a half when I make them. I'm more conscious than most people of the fact that my perception of a reasonable amount of food is skewed, but that doesn't make it less skewed.

When I was done cooking I measured out a serving of rice and a serving of larb and had dinner. Afterward, I put together four lunches for the week. I carefully measured a serving of rice into the first one, then visually filled the rest to match the first. When I was done, I had about a quarter of a cup of rice left in the pan. That's certainly within the margin of error of my haphazard measurement technique.

And then the larb. I measured out a serving into each of the containers, and eyed what I had left... it looked like about three servings. I grabbed three freezer bags and measured a serving into each. The final serving was exactly spot-on-- exactly the right amount, and nothing but dregs left in the bowl. I planned it that way, but I didn't actually expect it to work.

Thus far I'm batting a thousand for following my eating rules, and I've been within 6% of my calorie goals each day. Actually, I'm about 70 calories under for today. I'd grab some blueberries on my way to bed, but I'm stuffed.

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