Patti (whipartist) wrote,

One week eating update

To recap, the rules were:
  1. Don't be stupid.
  2. Eat real food, not food products.
  3. Avoid chemical-laden foods, artificial sweeteners, reduced fat foods that substitute god-knows-what, etc.
  4. Especially, no HFCS.  None, nada. 
  5. No prepared foods, except on dining out occasions, and in those cases be cautious.
  6. Some packaged stuff is OK-- bread, crackers, condiments-- as long as they conform to the above rules.
  7. Shortcut foods are OK as long as they're made of food, e.g. frozen pre-grilled chicken breasts, egg whites in a carton.
  8. Eat mostly vegetables, fruits, lean meats, dairy, and some rice/grains.
  9. Try to keep it at around 1000 calories/day, with the expectation of actually hitting 1200/day.
How have I done?

I think I'm good with 1.  2 is a slam dunk-- I've been eating fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, chicken, yogurt, rice.  My sweetener of choice has been agave nectar.   3 and 4 I've absolutely met.  For 5 and 6, every meal has been something I prepared at home, and the worst prepared food sin has been buying a package of marinated tofu.  I've eaten some wheat thins as well, though I looked into making my own.  I think I've lived up to 7-- pre-cooked chicken breasts and bacon bits, and a carton of egg whites made it into the menu.  8 overlaps with 2. 

And 9, the controversial one?  I've average 1009 calories, with a low of 930 and a high of 1059.  I haven't been completely neurotic about measuring everything, and if I had to guess I'd say I'm underestimating a little bit.  That's kind of OK, though-- an extra quarter cup of blueberries is only 20 calories.  In reality, I've probably been between 950-1100.

Overall grade:  A+, with a tiny ding for the tofu.

I don't feel the least bit deprived.  At least at home I'm eating way better than I have been-- even simple home-cooked stuff is better than the packaged crap I've been eating out of habit/laziness.  Really... when your evening snack is a wine-poached pear, how bad can life be?
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