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Geocachers will think this is cool. Over six years ago I sent a travelbug named Snowdude on his way from California. He's still going. He went from SF to Colorado, kicked around in Colorado and Wyoming for a while, wandered into Ontario, flew off to Vancouver, wandered around Montreal, hopped over to New Brunswick for a bit, went back to Montreal, and is now chilling in Newfoundland.

After two weeks, by back is mostly back to normal, but is still kinda sore.

The Kids Are All Right-- highly recommended. It's like watching a family trainwreck in slow motion, and one of the characters is the most amoral movie character I've seen in a long time.

Exit Through the Gift Shop-- also recommended for the mindfuck value.

The Rayko show got taken down last week, and immediately hung somewhere else-- my office. Our office manager decided she wanted to hang them here, and that means (a) the company gets artwork for the walls, (b) the photos get seen, and (c) I don't have to store them. Everyone wins!

In five days I leave for BARGE. Yay!
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