Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Three week eating update

Week 1 and Week 2.

1. Nearly 100%.
2. 100%.
3. 100%
4. Nearly 100%, except I accidentally had a small sip of Coke, and that probably had HFCS.
5. 100%
6. 100%
7. 100%
8. 100%
9. 100%

I'm still hovering around 1000% calories, though I often find myself not hungry at the end of the day after only having eaten 800-900. I'm still recording everything I eat, although I'm occasionally taking shortcuts. If I make something that has vanilla extract in it, for example, I'll probably not bother to count that since it's such a small number.

The Coke thing was kinda dumb. A bunch of you know the story already-- one of my coworkers walked by carrying a cup of what I thought was red wine. "What are you drinking?" She handed it to me and I took a sip, only to find out that it was Jack and Coke. The HFCS rule exists as an exercise in paying attention to what I eat, so I think that slip up does count as a ding.

Yesterday we walked by Beard Papa, and Tom tried to keep me from looking at it. "No worries. I'm not even interested." (For the non-locals, Beard Papa makes the worlds most amazing cream puffs.) Today we had lunch brought in at work, including Specialty's cookies. They are absolutely my weakness, and I had no temptation at all to even grab a bite of one.

On the other hand, I just looked at my food log, and I've had dessert almost every day. I may become of the queen of the 100-150-calorie no-artifical-sweetener dessert.

Friday is my last day of this round, then BARGE.
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