Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Eating experiment: concluded

I'm killing the eating experiment a day early. I have a crazy crazy schedule at work today which included coming in so early that I didn't get a chance to make lunch. If I wasn't done tomorrow I'd just go find a healthy lunch, but since I'm done at end of today anyway I'm just going to declare it done as of yesterday.

Result: -14 pounds in three and a half weeks and near-perfect compliance.

I'll pick it up, or something very similar, when I get back from BARGE. And I'll probably still retain some of the habits during BARGE.

Edit: So with a rich diversity of food within walking distance of my office, what did I get for lunch? A bageldog and the world's best brownies? Grits with andoille and cheddar? A fantastic grilled cheese sandwich and smoky tomato soup with creme fraiche?

No, I went to the Thai restaurant around the corner and got a chicken dish with rice. The only difference between this and what I was eating yesterday is that the chicken is fried.
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