Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Back to the eating experiment

I took two weeks off of the diet eating experiment, most of it for Vegas but then I stayed off for the work week after I got back home. I gained back a few pounds, which is what I expected, so now it's back to it. I'm upping my rough calorie goal to 1200/day, though, with up to about 1500 being OK from time to time. In other words, I'm doing what I did before but not quite as strictly.

Let it be known that I should not be allowed into the Berkeley Bowl without a chaperon. I wound up with (among other things) three kinds of organic melon, two kinds of organic berries, white currants, heirloom tomatoes, better balsamic vinegar than I really needed, and fresh burrata. Those last three combined to form a dish that I oh-so-creatively call dinner.
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